Thursday, August 8, 2013

our big news

thats right... i am pregnant!
sometimes i still cant believe it myself.
...and then i throw up.

pregnancy is hard... i am not going to sugar coat it. i have been really sick these last few months.  I have been throwing up every single day at least once a day. It started when I was just 5 weeks along. I am suuuper sensitive to smells... pretty much every smell makes me sick... oh yeah and this wonderful thing called heartburn that i have never had in my life until now. I havent been able to even get out and enjoy my summer or clean my house for that matter.  Work has been really hard too.
ok i am done complaining for now.

despite all of these awful things that i am feeling i am so amazed by this sweet little baby that Jason and I made.  Every day it is growing bigger and stronger inside of me.  I am already so in love with my babe.

I have such an amazing husband though that has been taking care of me every second and has done everything he can to keep our house clean and laundry done!

I found out I was pregnant on June 8th. Jason and I had gone to the temple that Saturday morning and I was not feeling good at all. I had a really bad headache and kept feeling like i was going to pass out.  When we got home Jason had to go to work. After he left I decided to take a test just to check. When i saw it was positive i was in shock. I started crying then laughing. It was just the weirdest/ coolest feeling in the world.

The rest of the day i tried to figure out how i was going to tell Jason. I thought maybe to wait until the next week on Father's Day but I was just too excited there is no way i could have waited a week!  Jason text me a little later and asked if i would bring him some dinner at work.  I decided to put a fortune in a fortune cookie and then bring him some chinese food. There is a little chinese place right by our apartment so I went over and got a few fortune cookies. It was soo easy to take out the old fortune and put in my own. the fortune read "You will be a daddy very soon". I put the fortune cookie back in the wrapper and taped the bottom. I then got some chinese food and then brought it to him. I could not stop smiling the whole time we were eating. I was sooo excited for him to open his cookie. When we were done eating he just kept talking to me and i just kept thinking to my self "open the cookie!!!" so i finally just opened my own and then read my fortune and then asked him what his said.  When he opened it he was really confused for a second then he just looked at me and said "REALLY?!!" he was smiling so big. I kinda teared up and was like "yeah! im pregnant!"
He is so excited and loves our baby so much already. he always kisses and rubs my tummy 
and i think its just so cute

I am 12 weeks yesterday. Baby is the size of a plum!!  I havent had many cravings... mainly because i havent been able to eat or keep down much. But food has been slowly getting easier for me to eat. The only things i crave are snow cones and fries sometimes.

I didnt think i'd be showing by now but my little bump is starting to poke out! (maybe because of the fries haha)

11 weeks - baby size of a lime

in just 3 short weeks we get to find out if our little cutie is a boy or girl! I cant wait!

this is our babe at 9 weeks. totally getting limbs! in this ultrasound baby was moving around like crazy! its so weird that i cant feel it yet! Hearing the heartbeat is the best sound in the world!

love mama tay