Friday, July 13, 2012

I have loved having Jason back home with me!
this week has been pretty eventful.....

Last Saturday we did our engagement pictures! It was so fun! I am dying to see what they look like! Hopefully in another week we will get to see themmm :)

...So i had this great idea to bring my birds to be in some of our pictures... I got this cute birdcage for it and everything. while we were taking the pics my sweet Achilles got out some how, and flew away.  It was so sad.  Jason and I even went back the next day with my other bird Atticus to see if Achilles would come back but she didnt. I was really sad about it.... on Monday I got home from work and I was just in my room, and in walked my sweet fiance' with a new little birdie. It almost made me cry. he is so thoughtful.
We named her Eva (pronounced Ava haha)
take a look..... shes a little cutie.

Jason and I have loved watching her she is so funny!

So the last day Jason was in Mexico, I found out that we got approved for the apartment that we loved!  It was fun having such an exciting thing to tell him when he got home! We went and signed the lease and got the keys on Wednesday.  After we signed the lease and got the keys we were too excited, not to go straight to it!

 When we got inside of "our home" ---it felt so surreal...  I kinda just stopped and thought to myself "is this really happening?!" We layed down on the floor for a while and talked and then we walked around and decided where things would go.  The apartment is in Provo, we are on the top floor! it has one bedroom, 1 bathroom,  washer and dryer, granite counter tops all nice new carpet and appliances. It's sooo cute! ahhh we are just so happy and excited

Another fun thing I did this week was order Jason's ring from Sierra West. Jason picked and I picked it out a few months ago. its a dark gray tungsten with a "hammered" look to it. I wait to go pick it up in a week!

My best friend Caitlyn is doing the most special thing for my wedding present... she is going to MAKE my temple dress. She is so talented and amazing. Yesterday we went and picked out the prettiest white fabric for my dress. I honestly cannot wait to see it when its all done. It is going to be so special to me, not only because its what I will be wearing when I get sealed to the love of my life, but it will be very special because she made it. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I love my Cait so much and I am grateful for her in my life. She has been the best friend I have ever had.

have a happy weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

miss my boy

this has been the first time Jason and I have been apart.... He has been in Cancun (i know, im super jealous too) with his family since Sunday, and will be home tomorrow!

I miss him soo much! I feel like a huge piece of me is missing. I never want to be apart from him again! I cant wait until tomorrow when I get to see his cute face and just hug him and kiss him all night! Saturday are our engagement pics! I am way excited for that too!

Its funny ... He doesnt have any cell service there, so we have just been emailing and skyping. when I sent him the first email it totally felt like I was writing a missionary again or something!  haha

anyways Jason is just the cutest thing, as you can see in the pictures I took of him while we were on skype just barely :) i like forgot how good looking he is! i love his laugh and his gorgeous face, and his sweet smile! I JUST LOVE THAT BOY!

I was sad to celebrate the 4th of July with out my fiance', but I had a good day still. I went up to Kaysville with my family and hung out with cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandma. I got to wear my sweet homemade flag shirt, I layed out and swam a little bit, had a bbq, skyped with ma man, got my hair braided by my awesome aunt Coral...(i ask her everytime i see her haha) and went and then watched fireworks at davis high school :) 

p.s. i played with my best friend cait this week and i felt noah kicking like crazy! it was so weird to feel it, i loved every second of it :)
cant wait to meet that sweetie

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crazy June

I cant believe its July already :) time is flying and I am so happy about it! i just want the time to keep going fast till September 15th!

The end of May/ beginning of June was kind of hard for me, I got really sick and I ended up in the hospital for 3 days! I was in renal failure because of severe dehydration. I cant tell you how many bags of I.V. fluids I got! They also thought my gallbladder was going to have to come out because I kept throwing up after I ate and I was having a lot of pain.... but once we got my kidney's under control the pain in my gallbladder stopped and luckily I got to leave with all my organs haha.

The rest of June was really fun and busy!

One of my best friends, Kemley got married and her wedding was gorgeous. It was so amazing to see her go through the temple! I am so glad she found Dax! he is such sweet guy and he makes Kem happy :)

I also threw my other best friend, Caitlyn a baby shower with her sisters. Cait's lil baby boy, Noah will be here sooo soon! He is due on August 4th but i know he'll come early!.... hopefully the end of this month! I cannot wait to see his sweet little face and hold his lil bum. I love Chan and Cait soo much, they have helped me through the hardest points of my life. they have always been here for me when i needed someone. I know that they will be the best parents

Jason and I did some boating with his friends one day.  Another day, just he and I took out the wave runners one saturday morning, it was so fun being out there with just us! I loooove the wave runners.... i cant wait to take them out again!

Another big thing that happend this month was Penny, Jason's little brother got his mission call... He will be serving in the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mission and he leaves AUGUST 15th!! can you believe that?! he wont be at our wedding :( haha i dont think he cares too much but.... I DO! haha I love that kid he is hilarious. I can just look at him and crack up!
I seriously LOVE Jason's whole family. they are awesome, i couldnt have asked for better in-laws!
its funny that i ended up with Jason who has all younger brothers and no sisters...because i am the oldest of all brothers too! i guess i was destined to be a big sis of a billion boys!!! Hopefully this bad set of genes doesn't carry on to me and Jason's family... i need a little girl! haha

haha this picture cracks me up!

my brother Tucker is next to get his mission call!

Strawberry days was fun as always, Jason and I went to the rodeo with a big group of his friends. i enjoyed the rodeo more than i usually do this year :)

amongst this crazy month we have also been apartment searching! we found 2 places that we love...both in provo :) we've put applications in to both so we are just waiting to hear back! I also had 2 dress fittings and I was able to go pick up and bring my dress home just a few days ago! I am in loove with it. i cant believe its just hanging in my closet! I cant wait for Jason to see it :) he is dying haha

i am so in love with Jason.....

I can honestly say that with each passing day, my love for him grows stronger. He is such an amazing person with a huge heart, and a beautiful soul

  • I love that I know and feel that he loves me just as much as I love him
  • I love that he likes to spend time with me. He ALWAYS makes time for me. We have been together every single day since we started dating.
  • I love that he puts me before everything & everyone else.
  • I love that he will stand up for me no matter what.
  • I love that I can trust him completely
  • I love how he smells and how he holds me
  • I love that he never lets go of me in a crowd or when we are with people... he always wants to be holding me :)
  • I love his love for the gospel, that he is taking me to the temple and that he served a misson
  • I love how smart he is and that he is going to school and working.  He works so hard and I know he is doing it for us.

Jason is going to make such a wonderful husband... and father someday. I really dont know what I did to deserve this life but my heavenly father was watching out for me and sent me an angel.