Wednesday, July 30, 2014

born to be wild

this girl kills me. 
she is seriously so funny. 

i think this has been the funnest age so far. 
she has to know everything that is going on around her....
she is the most curious thing ive ever met. 

got this cuuute 'born to be wild' tee from river babe threads 
bo totally rocks it.

oh & these amazing leetle chicken shop booties that i bought when i was pregnant... are still wayyyy too big but i couldnt wait a second longer to put them on & you can see why. 

mini photoshoot in mommy, daddy & Bo's  bedroom
thats right... this girl is officially kicked out of mom & dad's bed. (well for most of the time)

Bo has been in her big girl crib for the past 2 weeks now. the first week was a nightmare and i was sleeping on the floor next to her crib because i was getting up so many times.  This last week she has done AWESOME.  she actually slept 8 hours with out waking up once last night. 


anyway,  Bo used to sleep in this little co-sleeper crib that i absolutely LOVED.  i just wanted to get a few sweet pictures of it before taking it down.

and isnt this lighting so precious?  i cant get over it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

pineapple bum

i havent blogged since i was pregnant... so what? 
lets try this again....

Bo won these adorable pineapple shorts from an awesome giveaway on instagram by @mamamorf

side note: can i just tell you how much i am in love with this whole instagram mom world?? 

anyway, these cuuute shorts are from a shop called little cowboys & indians. 
they came in the mail today so, naturally i had to do a mini photo shoot with my bug wearing them.

this is what we came up with. enjoy.