Thursday, July 5, 2012

miss my boy

this has been the first time Jason and I have been apart.... He has been in Cancun (i know, im super jealous too) with his family since Sunday, and will be home tomorrow!

I miss him soo much! I feel like a huge piece of me is missing. I never want to be apart from him again! I cant wait until tomorrow when I get to see his cute face and just hug him and kiss him all night! Saturday are our engagement pics! I am way excited for that too!

Its funny ... He doesnt have any cell service there, so we have just been emailing and skyping. when I sent him the first email it totally felt like I was writing a missionary again or something!  haha

anyways Jason is just the cutest thing, as you can see in the pictures I took of him while we were on skype just barely :) i like forgot how good looking he is! i love his laugh and his gorgeous face, and his sweet smile! I JUST LOVE THAT BOY!

I was sad to celebrate the 4th of July with out my fiance', but I had a good day still. I went up to Kaysville with my family and hung out with cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandma. I got to wear my sweet homemade flag shirt, I layed out and swam a little bit, had a bbq, skyped with ma man, got my hair braided by my awesome aunt Coral...(i ask her everytime i see her haha) and went and then watched fireworks at davis high school :) 

p.s. i played with my best friend cait this week and i felt noah kicking like crazy! it was so weird to feel it, i loved every second of it :)
cant wait to meet that sweetie

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