Saturday, November 10, 2012

wedding day

Jason and I have been married for 8 weeks today.
Our wedding day was the most amazing day of my life.
everything that we spent so long planning, went so perfectly.

We were married and sealed in the Salt Lake temple at 10:20 am on September 15, 2012. Its been my dream since i was a little girl to be married in that temple. I am so glad  that i met Jason and that he was able to take me there and make all my dreams come true. To say the sealing was inredible is a huge understatement. I have never felt so happy then i did kneeling across from Jason at the alter. The words that were said and the spirit that was felt was so special and i wll keep close to my heart for the rest of my life.

after the sealing I got to go down to the bridesroom in the temple... oh. my. goodness. the temple is so pretty and i loved the brides room haha. It was so cool to just be with my mom in there and to have her help me get into my dress. Caitlyn came in after i was in my dress and helped me fix my hair and make up. I loved being able to have her in there with me.

Coming out of the dressing room in the temple and walking down to see Jason in my wedding dress after the sealing was one of my favorite parts of the day. I remember seeing him sit there as i walked down and when he saw me he stood up and i just looked at him and was filled with this overwhelming excitement, thats my husband! ahh.

Coming out of the temple with jason was sooooo perfect and fun!!
seeing all of our friends and family outside was awesome.
I loved hugging all of my little brothers, it was such a special moment to me.






Another one of my favorite parts of the day was when Jason and I were taking pictures around the temple. I remember one point looking at him and the temple was behind him and i just started crying.




After we took pictures around the temple, Jason & i headed to the luncheon. Our luncheon was held at Tucano's at the Gateway. It was such good food and so fun. My best friend Caitlyn gave such a heartfelt speech it made me cry.  Our good friends Bryan McDonnell and Zach Alder also gave great speeches. Zach wrote an amazing poem for Jason and I, that he read and of course it made me cry.


Our reception was at Wadley Farms in Lindon. When i got there there were sooo many people helping to set everything up. We seriously have the most amazing people in our lives.
 I went in the brides room and my friend Jaclyn did my hair and I got back into my dress. it was so fun my mom helped me get into my dress again doing up my millions of buttons in the back. when i came out in the brides room and walked around my reception, i couldnt believe it. It was everything i imagined and planned and it was so pretty! of course, started crying agian.



after I got ready for the reception we took some pictures

The reception was gorgeous. Each of the tables had a clock and a tea pot/ tea cup/ antique pitchers with flowers in them. My colors were peach and mint green.
I have had those colors and my whimsical vintage theme picked out for about 4 years. I have been planning and collecting things over the years for this particular event :)
to go along with the theme we had a homemade photo booth when you first walked in with a fun props and a chalk board to write a message on for us. We had a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine, a soft serve ice cream machine and such yummy food. Our cake was adorable it was the prettiest peach colored rosette cake.  The live jazz band and Arielle Voght who sang in her beautiful vintage sounding voice was so perfect the sound was exactly what i was going for.


At the first of our reception we stood in a line with our parents and after about 45 min of that i was like... im done with this i want to go enjoy the party i took forever planning! so we went and had a blast, we mingled with people at our yummy treats and food it was the funnest party i have ever been to! I seriously never wanted it to end. I wish i could have had my reception till midnight haha i was loving it! I danced with my dad and surprised him with the band playing "you are my sunshine" he used to play his guitar and sing it to me when i was little... cried. then i danced with my husband to our song and cried the whole time



After that we cut our cake.... the whole time we were engaged and my whole life for that matter i told myself that my future husband and i would NOT smash cake in each others faces!
but during our reception i suddenly changed my mind and told jason we should go for it hahah
 it was sooo fun, im glad we did it. after we cut the cake i threw my bouquet and my cute lil Kenzy caught it! she and jake are next!!!


i love being married more than anything. waking up to my best friend every morning is perfect.

Jason is the best husband i am so lucky

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